Feeling weak knees? Reasons and Solutions

During the good old days, people used to walk miles and miles, used to carry huge amounts of weight, and not even think about Knee pains. times have changed. knee weakness is becoming one of the most rapidly growing problems of the modern age. knee weakness ranges from a slight annoyance to a very serious health problem.

Why do you feel weakness in your knees?

Weakness in the knees is commonly felt while walking, running or lifting weights. People feel left Behind or even feel inferiority complex because they cannot do what other people can do. knee weakness is often accompanied by knee pain. and if this is the case then it may lead to even major diseases.

This is important for us to understand whenever we feel any weakness in the knee, we need to take care of it. ignoring things in the beginning cause big issues in the future.

 knee weakness can be a subsequent side effect after any injury to the knee. the injury may even go back to childhood as well.  Normally the symptoms get stronger in winters.

 The knee pain can be at different places, some people complain about knee pain in the back, some complain about knee pain in the front, specifically on the cup. Different locations of knee pain are caused by different symptoms or reasons.

How to prevent yourself for further knee issues?

Timely care can guarantee that you save yourself from future major issues and get:

  •  your issue diagnosed at the early stage
  •  the problem treated in a timely manner
  •  start working to strengthen your knee muscles
  •  understand what type of activities you can do or you can’t do.

please note if you are experiencing weakness in the knees, you should be very careful while climbing on a ladder. walking upstairs, or running very fast to avoid any kind of further injury.

If you are one of those readers who are reading this for someone else like your grandparents are parents or your siblings or spouse, please take it as a piece of advice that you should keep some time in your daily routine for exercising and jogging, people don’t realize how important jogging is in your life.

if you look closely or ask those people who have knee pain or weakness, we will understand how much movement we do through our knees. in general, we don’t realize in our daily routine as we are so busy in other things but when the knee pain starts, we understand that almost every second we are using our knees.

I cannot emphasize much on the point that we normally ignore the little bit discomfort we get in the knees and this causes a big issue in the future, I want you to make sure you understand not to ignore knee weakness or knee pain. some people use ice when feeling a little bit of pain.

Your knee weakness can come up with a few more problems like:

  • Your knees might go stiff or might swell.
  •  this one is very common, there is a difficulty in standing after sitting for some time.
  •  there is some kind of noise when you bend your knees, like the grinding sound.
  •  sometimes your knee locks up and you cannot even move or straighten your leg.
  •  you feel a burning sensation in your legs specifically in the knees.

Knee buckling (what is it?):

 weakness is also sometimes referred to as knee instability or knee buckling. knee-buckling can happen to one or both of your knees. in simple terms knee-buckling can be referred to knee giving out.

 there are few exceptional scenarios where it sometime happens, if that’s the case it’s ok but if it keeps happening regularly then it’s the sign of something, you need to take care of. this may happen because of several reasons a few of them are mentioned below:

Reasons of knee buckling:

Nerve damage:

 there is a nerve in the lower leg which is called femoral nerve, this nerve is one of the two major nerves in your legs. when your femoral nerve starts dysfunctioning it can cause weakness in your knees. especially when you feel numbness in some parts of your leg and it keeps on happening again and again then this might be femoral neuropathy. some of the symptoms of femoral neuropathy are; tingling, pain or burning.

what can cause femoral neuropathy?

 There are several reasons which can cause femoral neuropathy like arthritis, diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption.

It’s not easy to treat femoral neuropathy you might have to go through surgery or even a complete change in your lifestyle. remember to try to catch the disease in the very beginning as this may help you either cure the disease or at least to Slow it Down.


 you may have heard this word, it means your joints may have inflammation, it normally affects those parts which are carrying a huge amount of weight like your shoulders, knees, and toes. Arthritis is of many types and one of them is knee-buckling as well. caused by a specific type of arthritis called osteoarthritis.

 symptoms of Arthritis are:

  •  stiffness in the leg
  •  pain in the front or the back of the knee
  •  a specific sound that comes out to your knee, example; a clicking a grinding sound

Plica syndrome:

 this is a specific type of inflammation that occurs in the medial plica. Medial plica is a part present in the knee joint that covers the membrane. the major symptoms of plica syndrome in addition to the pain and the sounds; is a specific type of pain that happens inside the knee.


 as I wrote earlier, injury is one of the major causes of knee pain around the world. Injuries could occur in many different situations like playing sports, running or falling down. meniscus tears are one of the most common injuries which happens and causes knee pain.

How to save yourself from knee weakness:

How to cure knee weakness for those people who want to start running:

 what are the common things that happen is when we see one of our colleagues, In a great fit body? with think, we should get in shape as well. We prepare ourselves, pull out our old shoes and aside from today onwards we will jog for at least 45 minutes.

 believe me, this is a very good step, but then we start complaining of knee pain and it starts getting worse and we feel this was not meant for us.

 please try to understand, it’s not a one-day game for someone who is walking for 1 hour every day they have built their stamina for many days, months or even years. find the following advice if you want to start running.

We call it the 4 s of knee protection while running which you can see in the infograph as well


 ignore the hard sidewalks, the roads and the concrete are very hard at our joints When we start running it’s always well to run at something soft like grass. that’s why is always recommended to start running in the park the soil is soft and it’s very soft and calm on your knees. treadmills are good as well but running or jogging in the park is the best thing to do.


 invest in good shoes, most of the people ignore others. They will wear any kind of shoes for jogging. remember that if your posture is wrong while running it will directly cause severe negative effect on your knees please understand and buy some good quality running shoes.


 use knee braces, knee braces are not only for injured people; the function of knee braces is to support your knees so if you are a new runner or you are just starting out it may be a very good idea to wear knee braces while you are jogging.

Start small:

never try to be a superhero, stamina is built over time and this is a Universal fact so start small and try to improve every day, every week, every month.

Stretching is a good option: to give your warm muscles are relief stretching is one of the great exercises to do after you finish your jogging.

How to cure knee weakness for those people who stand for a long time:

 if your job requires you to stand for a very long time you may end up having knee pain or knee weakness which can lead you to even quit your job. so, what’s the best advice for those people who stand for a long time.

Wear flat shoes: heels are basically an enemy of your knees. You have that small heel in your professional shoes can cause knee problems if your job requires you to stand for a very long time then it’s a must for you to wear flat shoes. I do understand a lot of people have limitations; they have to wear formal shoes. in this case, try to make the Heels as low as possible.

Take your knees to the gym: squatting is like a gym to your knees. this may be tough in the beginning but this is a nice exercise to build up stamina for standing long.

Cycling: cycling is another great exercise for your knees to build stamina.

I hope this article helps you to understand the knee weakness and how to cure the knee weakness. if you have any comments or if you want to ask any questions please feel free to do so.

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